Yixing hold dragon establish and at will it be August 1998, located in scenery beautiful the banks of Tai Hus by metal silk screen Co., Ltd. --The east suburb of Yixing. Covering an area of 18,000 square meters, construction area is 11,000 square meters, the company has 5 cause departments now, Mainly at production high and little silk takestainless steel¢ No. 0.02 as the leading factor by series of productses stainless steel department, The little silk annual output of reaches 120 tons, it is the domestic biggest specialized stainless steel little silk manufacturing enterprise at present. Company have 118 of staff now, it manages 20 of engineers and technicians among them university, junior college and special secondary school graduate No. 18, Fixed assets are 3,860,000 yuan, there is CNC-LSA numerical control with relatively high automatic degree that draw the system of dialing, Accurate to anneal system CNC-ST/B, YGO No. 20, it is infrared carbon analyse HW2000F appearance wait advanced complete productions by sulphur form for type to in charge of, More than 90 checkout equipments( set). The enterprise develops rapidly in the fierce market strove unexpectedly, strengthen the training of staff's quality-mind and business technical ability in perfecting the management system of quality constantly, Expand the occupation rate of market with the high quality, steady products, In all previous to spot check product quality in measuring all up to standard and qualified, In addition the good after-sale service has already had the cooperating for a long time of a batch of domestic and international well-knowns , The user's extensive favorable comment deeply.

The company pays attention to management, respect talents, insist throughout that" quality is the moral standing , Aim on prestige life", it strengthens technological inputs stress new product develop inside, Catch the market to expand outside, improve series of product quality of little silk, grade and grade constantly, Become stainless steel produce trade have relatively heavy to fight for strength, influence power and the star enterprises of popularity unexpectedly by little silks . Welcome every old and new customers and would appreciate the advice wholeheartedly, consult the business, cooperate.